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Bridget is really lovable to me. She is a great acting teacher. She teaches me to be nice,  and she loves me so much that I love her. I love how she teaches me how to slate and how to practice your lines. Also, she teaches me how to act and do things and gives me my homework. I like how she gives me the keys and then lets me put them on the table. 



Bridget is an amazing teacher! She taught me how to do so much, like how to slate, improvisation techniques and so much more. Thanks to her, I am more confident in front of the camera and I have become such an amazing actress. I have been in a lot of TV shows and commercial like a back to school commercial and a show called "Motives and Murders". I never knew what I was capable of until I met Bridget.  Whoever has her as an acting teacher, I know you’ll love her like I did.



I don't even know where to begin, Bridget and this class has become my entire life and I love it so much. Coming to class every single week gives me life and always puts me in a good mood, and seeing Bridget every single week allows me to learn from her. This isn't just a class where you learn how to become a better actor but you learn how to become a better version of you and not only that, but you meet some great people along the way. This isn't just a class, it's a creative outlet. It's a way to express yourself, it's freedom, it's opportunity. And Bridget isn't just your teacher she's your friend, your mentor and someone who you can be your self with. Bridget has helped me a lot over the years, as a young teen struggling with  anxiety and ADHD it was really hard for me to express myself, but Bridget and this class gave me an outlet. I look up to Bridget and everything she does and these classes always bring something exciting and new. I would've never had these opportunities in my life without Reel Talents. The things we get to do like go on retreats outside of the city and meet amazing and wonderful people and create beautiful art is so phenomenal and outstanding, it really is beautiful. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her. 

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Drama school with Bridget is awesome!  I love the super fun acting games and the warm-up dance.  I use the warm-up dance before auditions.  It really helps to pump me up and to focus.  

In class, I learned how to stay in character and how to follow stage directions.  My favourite thing I learned was how to do long scenes and then film them.  Since being in class I feel way more confident in auditions.  I understand how to do the things that the director tells me to do.  I think the stuff I learned in Bridget's class helped me to land a scene in "Octavio is Dead (Feature film)" and a commercial for Sally's Cereal!  Your lessons on creating a character  helped me to imitate more chefs / actors on my YouTube Channel "The Littlest Gourmet".   

I cant wait to get back to ya!  



Just over two years ago I took my very first class with my favourite teacher ever, Bridget Ogundipe. When I joined her group class I was a very nervous person struggling with a severe anxiety disorder that prevented me from doing the things I loved. This was very hard on me so when I arrived at class that day, despite having hope for change, I was doubtful. I had tried and failed to leave my anxieties behind on many occasions. My first class was an amazing experience. I was in a new environment with strangers yet I felt so much more comfortable than I had been before. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. With the help of Bridget and my new found friends, I have become more confident in myself and my acting abilities. Bridget is confident, cheerful, funny, patient, and truly someone I would trust with anything. Both in the acting world and my personal life. Its not very often you come across a teacher with a true care for you and your success. It means so much to have Bridget to rely on, with knowledge and interest of everything you love to do.



Bridget is a kind, considerate, and patient teacher.  She introduced me to the world of TV and Film acting by teaching me how to slate,  what to expect at an audition, and vocal techniques.  I still practice "red leather, yellow leather".  As we continued to work together, I felt confident that I could pursue a career in acting.  I love comedy,  and she recognized this as my strength. However, she did make sure that I practiced dramatic scripts that were more of a challenge for me and gave me great feedback. She's a wonderful teacher and is genuinely happy when her students do well.  I got to be in Drake's Energy video, and I'm currently shooting an episode of a new TV show called "Nirvanna the Band the Show" airing early in 2017.  I know she's proud of me.  Thanks, Bridget!

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