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Film Acting Classes

Ages 4-7 (24hrs)

Ages 8-12 (24hrs total)

Ages 13-19 (24hrs total)

19+ (24hrs total)

Level 1

Intro to Commercials, Film and TV Acting

The course will prepare students for the film and television industry with emphasis on professional procedures and on-set behaviour. Will focus on how to perform for television commercials as well as SOC and improvisation scenes.

Level 2

In Depth Film and Television Training

Designed to enhance the student's individual talents and challenge them with character development and accessing emotion. As well to assist the student to acquire professional knowledge and behaviour techniques.

The course content includes warm-up techniques, improvisation, character development, on-set behaviour and procedures, cold reading techniques and Scene Study.

Students will understand the depth of a character, how to work within a scene and understand movement in front of the camera. 

Level 3

Audition Techniques 

Students will learn how to prepare for an audition including relaxation and mental readiness for actors. The course focuses on how to land the role for a commercial, film or television series. Invited talent agents and casting directors will be present to give students feedback. Upon successful completion of this course the students will be assessed and may be invited to do the Demo Reel course. 

Level 4

Demo Reel

This course is designed as the actor's calling card to the industry. Most students have never auditioned, much less landed an acting job, and therefore are not equipped with video reels to show a casting director. With technology developing so rapidly, this has proven to get inexperienced actors in the door.  At the end of this course, you will have a demo reel to submit. 

Advanced Acting Training

This is an advanced on camera training class. This course is only offered to those actors who are actively auditioning. You must have Agent Representation, headshot, resume and/or demo. As well as completion of Level 3 Audition Techniques or equivalent training elsewhere.

Private Coaching

Hours may vary

We offer private one on one coaching to help you prepare for an audition or to keep sharpening your craft. Private coaching is a great opportunity to work intensely with an acting professional. Not only will your coach prepare you for the audition, but will also inform you on what you need to know before entering the audition room and after you leave the audition. Your coach will help you get off book, feel more in your body and bring out honesty to make you believable to  win the part! On the day of the audition, it will feel like a visit to your family doctor!

Business of Acting

Inclusive with advanced courses

This course will be taught by an Agent, Producer and/or Casting Director that is currently relevant in the industry. The course will cover resumes, head shots and demo reels. Our students will gain an understanding of the different unions (ACTRA, EQUITY, SAG-AFTRA) as well as when to  join the union if given the opportunity. Students will also gain the perspective of working relationships with agents, casting directors, directors and producers.


The business of acting is something that most actors know little about. This course will equip the actor with the knowledge of the business so that they will feel more knowledgable and confident to perform! 


Free for current students - Part of curriculum in the demo reel and advanced training courses

Dance Classes

Ages 7-13 (9hrs)

Ages 14+ (9hrs) 

Level 1

Dance choreography classes for beginners! Learn basic hip hop, and jazz steps all while breaking a sweat and having fun! Warm up and cool down with yoga practices that are designed to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Level 2

Dance choreography classes for intermediates! Learn technical hip hop, jazz, house and step dance all while breaking a sweat and having fun! Warm up and cool down with yoga practices that are designed to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Level 3 (Advanced)

Advanced dance choreography classes! Create a dance routine combining all the technical elements of dance learned in class! This class is designed for those with some dance training.  Be prepared to have fun while sweating! Warm up and cool down with yoga practices that are designed to increase flexibility, strength and relaxation.

Mindfulness Classes

Hours may vary


1 on 1 – Private Classes

Find and create inner peace while growing as an individual.  These private courses will provide you with the skills you need to be your most centered self.  Whether it’s about gaining more confidence, stronger communication skills or self-development, learn to not be in conflict with yourself.  Find your inner voice and trust it.  We will incorporate;

  • Meditation and relaxation exercises

  • Finding emotional equilibrium through self discovery exercises

  • Voice, breath and movement

  • Counsel

  • Public speaking techniques


Learn to be aware of your body language and train your voice.  Learn to be present to enhance your performance.

  • Vocal warm-ups

  • Body warm-ups

  • Voice for camera

  • Movement for camera

  • Animation


A spiritual approach to acting.  Learn to find your focus when performing.  Focus on being “in the moment” by training your mind to be present.

  • Breathing exercises

  • Meditation techniques

  • Awareness of self

  • Spiritual growth


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