Youth Film Acting Retreats

Feel fully immersed in the world of acting and filmmaking.  Also enjoy the scenic views at every location chosen at our retreats.  All students will take part in a film project where they will learn aspects in front and behind the camera.  This experience will only take you further in your artistic journey.  

So take a look at the videos created above and our testimonials by fellow RTTO peers below.

Spring Retreat:  Friday April 17th - 20th (Location TBD)

Summer Retreat: Late August! (Haiti)

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Going on all of these amazing retreats has been such a wonderful experience. It has helped to build my character, my confidence and overall help me grow as an actress. The retreats give you real life experience on what an actual set would be like and prepares you so that you can get into your character right away. It teaches one how to be professional and is overall a good time as well. The after product of each retreat is also astonishing!!! 

Sincerely Zoe 



Bridget Ogundipe's acting classes have  shaped me to grow as an artist.  Having done acting classes for several years with Bridget at Reel Talents TO and beyond, I have gained a perspective in acting that inspired me to apply to York University for the film production program.  It is because of the training that I got that I now understand the processes of character development, script and scene study, storyboarding, casting, auditioning, the biology of story and how to use the 'forth wall' among many other techniques that are taught in class.  Having diverged from an actor to a filmmaker, because of Bridget's hands-on approach, I have a really good eye for what I want in a film, and who I want to cast.  I also have a better appreciation and knowledge of sound recording, directing actors, ADR, post-production, pre-production and more tools learned in Bridget's class.  As a begginner or advanced actor, This class will have the tools that you need to be comfortable with yourself as an artist, and will teach you how to find your voice as an artist.